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Small Jan results/Feb goals
  BJLTNYK, Feb 01 2011

Not putting in nearly enough hours to get going on having a big year...but coaching ends in 2 weeks so I'm still optimistic about what's ahead. Plan on having a decent month and grinding my way out of small stakes SNG/MTT land.

January results:
SNGS: 226 SNGs played (all $6.50s), +$26.80, 1.8% ROI, 37.6% ITM
MTTs: 38 MTTs played, -$249.48, -68.8% ROI, 13.2% ITM
Live cash: 1 session 1/2 NL +$471, 1 session 2/5 NL -$709
Overall: -$460.68

February goals:
500 SNGs
50 MTTs
Profit at both
Maintain the Silverstar i squeaked into lols

GL dudes...hope to be back on my feet soon and see people are reasonable non cheeseburger stakes.

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Goals 2011
  BJLTNYK, Jan 15 2011

Two weeks into the year but I've finally got my goals for 2011 down on paper so here goes:

Goal one goes without saying...but...STOP FUCKING SUCKING AT THIS GAME.

• 200k VPPs
• 15 live MTTs
• Play WSOP Main Event
• Host a live game
• Play live more often
• Play only when I can be 100% focused
• Be profitable at various forms of poker
• Tweet/blog more
• Be more accountable for when I’m playing poorly

• Have positive year gambling in other games (mainly my roulette degenning)
• Continue not sports betting
• Play more fantasy sports

• Get a new job that I ENJOY, is normal hours, and pays comparatively with health insurance…a plus if they allow for me to continue coaching high school basketball

• Lose fat, gain muscle…ideally weigh ~180 pounds
• Increase running stamina…run in 5 NYRRC races
• Become a better basketball player and play in some adult leagues
• Eat healthier but don’t let dieting consume my eating habits
• Cheat less but when I do…don’t be with fast food

• Put money into savings and DON’T touch it
• Take shots when appropriate in poker and in normal life
• Get approved for a credit card

• Get permit and drivers license
• Be less stressed overall
• Be a cleaner person for my girlfriend
• Become a better chef
• Explore home business/other investment opportunities
• Get a puppy

See you guys here all year long!


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Operation PTR Turnaround
  BJLTNYK, Jul 26 2010

Soooo I'm pretty tired of being a huge loser in cash games online and have decided to turn around my PTR and get every limit out of the red. I clearly have leaks that I need to work to fix so I'll be studying more HHs and watching some videos online. No more following bad habits and telling myself I'm just perpetually running bad.

I'm very confident in my tourney game currently and a couple of scores have saved me from busto in the last month or two. Won the $22 6 max on Stars this week to accomplish that again.

I would play tournaments more but it's really difficult to find the time when I work odd hours 30-40 hours a week. Cash games are way more convenient time wise so I need to get some stuff straight. Here's to doing that.

The ugly before picture:

Will keep updates on the hopefully purtty after picture.

GL second half of 2010 LP.


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